Impact! is the 4th project of the DARPA ENGAGE program here at the ETC. This semester we will be reviewing, revisiting and revising the games that have been made as apart of the ENGAGE project from the previous semesters. One of our main focuses this semester is to get the ENGAGE games running on different educational game portals, such as Learning.com.

The new team will be taking the game built by the Torque-It! team last fall, Teeter-Totter Go! and giving it a fresh overhaul that helps it become more of a game rather than feeling like a series of exercises. We are also working to improve RumbleBlocks (Fall 2011) and Beanstalk (Spring 2012) in terms of learning effectiveness based on feedback from our partners, the Human Computer Interaction Institute.
Check out other games at the Engage Portal here.






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