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Playtest results

These are the results of the playtest. It was a wonderful experience, children were all adorable, intelligent and polite.
The only problem we had is that there were groups of 6, and there were only four of us, and we sometimes couldn’t handle all the questions.
This is why the results are a little rough, but I am sure they give a good impression on how did it go.



Almost all the children from playtest play computer games in some capacity.

How often do you play?:

About half of the children said they don’t play often, but there is a possibility that it is something like the smoking/alcohol question
at the doctor’s for grownups – they may be ashamed to admit they play it a lot.

Did you like the game?:

Everybody said they liked the game, would play it again, and also said friends would like it

What would you change in the game?:

About half of the children said that they really liked the game the way it is, and wouldn’t change anything.
Some of the suggestions from other children: More levels, picking your own character, adding lava, boss levels,
adding enemy, lighting up the beam, explosions( =) ).

What didn’t you like about the game:

~5 children said that they didn’t like something about the game, these are their individual comments on this question:
kinda slow, some levels were harder, saw the same backgrounds, didn’t like the end because it was short

Was it easy?:

Only 1/4 of the children said that the game was too easy. Most of the children’s feedback indicates that the difficulty was in the middle.

Favourite part:

The vast majority of children called goo levels to be their favourite. The second place went to the
inquiry part and a couple of votes to electricity levels.

Inquiry part:

Most of the children really liked it, and some even called it their favourite part; Some of the children said the part was too easy, and some of them on the contrary – that it was too hard,
I think that children who found it hard had a loading problem with the pictures, and couldn’t realize what should they do before they finally appeared.

Thank you everybody!

Week 8 Thursday

This week we are starting to think of how we can build more animation and interest into the game. Now that the basics of the game are being laid into place we are looking at the bare bones to think of how to add more juicy animation and feed back.

One thing we are wanting is to make sure there is a lot of movement and feeling in the characters so they feel more realistic. Because of this we are adding animation to even side characters.


girl from Impact! on Vimeo.

Week 7 Friday

This week we have been figuring how our inquiry is going to be working. Right now we have concepts of how this part of the game will play out and art concept for the levels.



Week 7 Wednesday

Today we worked on finishing the bug fixes on our build we are testing tomorrow.


We are also breaking down parts of the different level types.

Here is the mock-up to the slime levels.

preview mockup slime from Impact! on Vimeo.

Week 7 Monday

Last week Matt worked on getting designs made for our main game play.


Week 6: Story

Now that we have the story nailed down we will be starting to flesh out parts to it. We now have two new characters that will be playing along with you and needing your help.



Week 6: Design meeting

Today we are having a meeting to finalize the design, game play and story of the game. We are hoping to begin implementation at full speed from this point on.

Week 6 Tuesday

We are beginning to move forward with store design. AS we do this, we start to think about objects, interactions and characters.





Week 5

Most of week four was spent developing some mechanics to show for our quarters. The mechanics we developed were tested this Wednesday. We found that the similar magic glove’s click move action was easy for kids to understand how to use with out guidance while the slingshot mechanic was a little harder for kids, they thought it was more fum.



demo 02 from Impact! on Vimeo.


demo 01 from Impact! on Vimeo.

Week 4

This week we have been pushing forward to getting prototypes of our mechanics running. The two we are working on is having a gravity beam that can move objects. The other mechanic we have been working on is having a slingshot that can throw things.

We are also working to get our own concept started. We are doing this in hopes to be able to publish the game on many different websites. We are making the game so that it will be easily re skinned to meet this goal.

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