Issue 4: Prototypes



This week:

-Level Designs
-Game Prototypes

Game Prototypes

We’ve started to make progress on the game mechanics we’re thinking of using for our new game. The two mechanics that we are prototyping are the energy lasso, an beam of energy that the player can use to pull and place objects, and a slingshot/catapult mechanic that will allow the player to launch objects in the space. Our hope is that these
two new interactions will create a more fun experience that the kids will enjoy rather than feeling like they’re doing a series of exercises. We aim to playtest these mechanics with kids next week before quarters and get some feedback on which mechanic the child feels is more fun.


Anthony Daniels Review

Anthony Daniels, a visiting faculty member at the ETC, visited our project on Wednesday to get some insight into our project. He watched a few minutes of Teeter-Tottter-Go! and found it very tedious, which further cements our plan of action to make the game more fun. We presented our new mechanics to him, and he also enjoyed those. He feels it will give the child a feeling of power and control, which will engage them more in the game. Anthony also reviewed our work-in-progress level designs and really enjoyed the new possibilities they created for the game experience. He found them intuitive and interesting, and picked a few of his favorite.

Upcoming Milestones
– Playtest Game Mechanics
– Quarters Next Week





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