Demo: Helios

This is our newest build of Helios (5/3/2013). You can play through all the way from beginning to end, through 3 tiers of balancing and unbalancing puzzles. “Helios” should run in both Firefox and Chrome on PC and Mac, with limited frame rate inside of Safari. If you are on a slower connection, please allow a few minutes for the game to load.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have played the game before in your browser, you MUST clear your cache to get the most updated version. There are a few ways to do this:

In Chrome, clear your browser cache OR run in “Incognito Window”.
In Firefox, clear your browser cache and cookies, OR run in “Incognito Window”.

If you are unsure if your cache has been cleared, look at the “Resume” button on the start screen. If it is greyed out, your cache/browser history has been properly cleared and you are playing the game fresh.

Here are a few hotkeys (shortcuts) to help you move around the game.

To jump levels, press “N”

To unlock all the levels, press “U”

To reload a level, press “R”
Mute button is “M”
Unmute button is “V”


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