Issue 5: Game Mechanics




This week:

-Game Flowcharts

Playtesting Our Mechanics

We prototyped two of our proposed game mechanics, the catapult and the magic lasso, with six children at the Children’s School on main campus. The purpose of this test was to get an idea of which mechanic the child finds more fun and intuitive. For the Teeter-Totter-Go! revision, it’s important that any new mechanics are fun, yet simple so that they don’t become a distraction from the game or the learning.
The playtest showed us that both mechanics are good, while the lasso seemed to be the preferred mechanic to use. A few testers found that the slingshot is more fun once they get used to it, which could be due to the dynamic nature of the slingshot firing. Since we’ll have main gameplay levels and possible mini-games, we’ll probably


Here Comes a New Mechanic!

We’ve come up with a new method for the energy lasso. In previous mockups, the energy lasso was used via a gun-like device. A new idea of the lasso implementation is to replace the gun-like device with an energy glove that the player uses to move the object around in the space. The hope is that the player will enjoy a glove more, and it will also have less negative connotations than a gun-like device.

Upcoming Milestones

– Narrative Design
– Inquiry & SEL Design


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