Issue 7: Playtesting




This Week

-Jesse Schell feedback

Jesse Schell’s Feedback
On Tuesday, we were ablt to get Jesse Schell to review our narrative direction and our mechanic decision. Jesse said the story could be cool, it reminds him a bit of Portal (a computer system that was built for good that goes bad), especially if we give the system a great personality. He understood why we picked the lasso mechanic instead of the slingshot (for ease of teaching it to our demographic). When we mentioned that we were wanting to keep the slingshot in mini-games, that concerned him a bit because now we’re teaching
new mechanics in a new game space. He reviewed the level designs and likes what we have; he feels it adds much needed variety into the balancing game space. Jesse also
suggested that we should look into two beams, as they would up the complexity and visual interest.


Playtest on 2/27

We were at a point this weekwhere we had a functional level, withtemporary sound and win states, so we wanted to test the game to see how much fun it was for kids. We had
8 testers, 4 girls and 4 boys. All seemed to enjoy the game, although some had a bit of difficulty, due to their young age (5 years old). For the visuals, we got an unprompted comment saying “Is this from Prankster Planet?!” We have not mentioned Prankster Planet to the kids, so for one of them to identify our visual style as similar to TEC is very positive. To the right, you’ll see one of our levels, the “goo” levels. To see the goo moving, check our blog.


Upcoming Milestones
– Playtest with game levels and inquiry/SEL
– Build level types and
inquiry/SEL into the game



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