Issue 9: Prep for Halves





This Week

-Spring Break

This week, we took our game to Elizabeth Forward for our playtest before halves. This build had 6 game levels, and 1 inquiry level. Since our project’s focus is to improve Teeter Totter-Go, especially in terms of engagement, we wanted this playtest to either confirm or disprove our efforts thus far with our new mechanics and level design. We tested 21 kids and all of them enjoyed the game. Some of them found it really easy, and wanted the levels to be a bit more challenging, while others thought the game was in the middle, in terms of difficulty. All the players asked/wanted more levels to play in, which gives a good sign that they were enjoying the game. Both boys and girls enjoyed the “goo” levels the most, and wanted to see more of those. We did have a few technical hurdles, in dealing with HTML5 and the school’s internet connection, due to the amount of assets (art, audio, etc). It’s something that we know we have to do in order for our game to run properly, and we are incorporating it into our schedule.

Upcoming Milestones



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