Issue 10: Halves Feedback




This week: 

Halves Presentation
On Monday, we had our halves presentation here at the ETC. The halves presentation is meant to show faculty, clients, and other guests what we’ve been working on for the past 9 weeks. The idea behind halves is that the project should be halfway complete. The feedback from halves was very positive; they understood the reasoning why we want to revamp Teeter-Totter-Go into a new and rich game, and they are very excited to see how the new game develops. The faculty also like the new art direction and the new level design ideas that we have for the game levels.
In terms of progress, we have the core framework of our game done. Our levels are configurable via XML files, and the different level types have their own templates for easier level building inside of ImpactJS. For the rest of the semester, we will spend time further integrating the story, audio, and new levels into the game. We will also work to get good performance in school classrooms using Firefox or Chrome. This will ultimately be our biggest challenge, as there is no real common protocol from school to school in terms of internet bandwidth, so we can’t say that it will always perform well in all situations. HTML5 is also still in it’s early stages of widespread deployment,


– Playtest 2nd Week in April



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