Issue 12: New Features



This Week:


Development of New Features
This week team was working hard on assembling a new version of the game for the
playtest. We worked on many directions simultaneously in order to make the complete first
tier for the game to see children’s reaction to the flow of the game and to the story.
We have implemented the following features:
1) Gender choice, so children can play both for a boy or a girl
2) Cutscene creating system
3) Intro and outro cutscene for the first tier
4) Boss level
5) Tutorial for the game interactions
6) User interface buttons, including level selection map and, “Back” and “Mute” buttons
7) Audio (both sound effects, and voiceovers)
In terms of optimization, we’ve been working on getting the game a smaller footprint by:
1) Separating spritesheets for each animation, to improve the loading process
2) Optimizing the loading process and loading things in the background, so it doesn’t take
too long for our levels to load
It was a hectic week for all of us, but on Saturday (April 13th) children will be able to see
the result, of our hard work, hopefully enjoy it, and that

Upcoming Milestones
– Playtest 4/13 @ ETC




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