Issue 2: Sesame Workshop Visit




Sesame Workshop Visit
On Wednesday the 23rd, TEC came to visit our team to discuss plans for the semester.The team’s big goal for this semester is to make a game worthy of being hosted on, under the umbrella of TEC’s intellectual property, Prankster Planet. Our meeting was to discuss which platforms we are expected to target and what changes TEC would like to see for integration into PBSKids.
The main feature that we are looking to change is to make the balancing/unbalancing exercises less repetitive and much more fun/engaging. Our target platform is the desktop on, with mobile browser support on iOS (Safari). To this end, we’ve started to work on features that work across both platforms without creating a completely different experience.
Here’s a list of game mechanics that we’re thinking about for the game revisions:

Game Mechanic #1: Slingshot (Using the mouse or finger to pull back and launch projectile)
Game Mechanic #2: Dragging/Moving Objects or Characters On Screen
Game Mechanic #3: Cutting Things Down
Game Mechanic #4: Drawing Selections/Gravity Claw


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