Issue 13: Helios Beta Build




Creating the Beta Build of “Helios”

Monday, 22nd of April is the Soft Opening day, and this week our team has been working to finish the beta-version of Helios. Here’s a list of things we’ve been working to integrate this week:
–Remaining assets and animations
–Tier 2 and 3 levels
–Narrative cutscenes
–Improving the user interface (updating the level selection screen)
–Sound effects to help drive the player through the game
–Voice actors for the 8 different game characters

In addition, we also had 2 playtests, one on April 13, the other on April 17, that showed positive results. Children were able to play through the first tier and follow the narrative by watching the cutscenes and listening to the dialogue during the game. It turned out that in general the understanding of the gameplay and the story was very satisfying, and despite a seemingly long intro, children didn’t show signs of impatience. Some of the things, as we expected, needed polishing – we had to improve the interface and interaction for the Boss Levels, add a signal for the players at the moments when they can move and make other small improvements. By Softs the game will be complete with all levels and tiers. After soft opening that we will focus on optimizing it for faster web loading, fixing existing bugs and generally adding another level of polish to the final deliverable.

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