Welcome to project Kinetics! We are a team of 4 students from Entertainment Technology Centre, Carnegie Mellon University. We are dedicated to design, develop and implement SMALLab learn lessons/games to be used in 3rd to 8th grades so that educators can introduce/reinforce learning concepts in various subjects.


SMALLab (Situated Multimedia Art Learning Lab) is a mixed-reality learning environment, which uses motion-capture camera(s), short-throw projector(s) and wireless controller(s) to immerse players in dynamic game-based scenarios, where they can interact with each other and digital game elements in real time in shared physical space.


Game 1 : Cupcake Wars Game

  • Concept we want to let kids practice: +-×÷Basic Measurement
  • Target demographics: 3rd ~ 5th graders
  • Why we chose this theme:
    • kids are familiar with “Cupcake Wars TV Series”
    • kids like cute artistic style

Game 2 : Robot Programming Puzzle

  • Concept we want to emphasize: logical step by step thinking
  • Target demographics : 7th to 8th graders
  • Why we chose this theme:
    • programming teacher uses robot at school
    • possibility for augmented reality