• The Story

    Our project is themed as a telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, called “¿Por qué Amor, Por qué?”. The story follows the adventures of a young college student named Noe and his two friends, Juan Carlos and Maria, as the three become entangled in a passionate love triangle, discover a missing father, and uncover a plot for vengeance. Betrayal and secrets and love, oh my!

    The deliverable for our project is Episode 3 of the series. Our story opens with Noe using a set of clues to figure out which Manuelo in town is his father. After successfully tracking him down, Noe learns from his father a shocking truth which may save his relationship with Juan Carlos, but before he can take action, he must find Maria and reveal the true nature of their relationship. Will he be able to salvage his friendships with Juan Carlos and Maria, or will he destroy their bonds forever?