• Games

    There are four mini-games embedded within the narrative, as well as an additional mini-game which carries the subplot.

    Logic Puzzle GameLogic Puzzle Game

    The logic puzzle game tests the player’s comprehension of indefinite and negative vocabulary, as well as the past tense of verbs. This traditional puzzle asks the player to use the provided clues to match five different men named Manuelo with their respective professions.







    Navigation Game

    In order to move between the other mini-games and plot points, players must navigate their way through an interactive map. Players must follow step-by-step instructions to reach their destination, without the aid of street or building names. The navigation game tests players’ comprehension of ordinal numbers and prepositions of location.







    Conversation Game

    In this multiple choice game, the player negotiates a conversation with a non-player character by choosing which sentence to say next from a list of four choices. Only one response is grammatically correct, and the other three choices each include a different mistake in a particular grammar structure. If a player chooses one of these erroneous responses, they demonstrate a misunderstanding of that grammar structure.







    Gesture Game

    In Episode 3, this game is themed as a baking contest which tests players on spatial prepositions, color vocabulary, and kitchen-related vocabulary.








    Review Game

    In response to feedback we got from language instructors, we created an additional mini-game which gives students an opportunity to review material covered in previous episodes. Instructors have the option to assign this game as an additional assignment or extra credit, and it can be accessed via the main menu. This timed game asks players to pick out words from one of Noe’s old diary entries which match a specific vocabulary topic or grammar rule. While this game does not assess players’ comprehension, it gives them a chance to review important lessons from class.