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    2010 - 02.12

    Physion [‘fi-zhən] is a project at Entertainment Technology Center, a graduate program of Carnegie Mellon Univeristy.

    We are a Lockheed Martin sponsored project aimed at integrating the dimension of biofeedback with video games that can be used to train your body to react in a certain way to a number of scenarios. Our goal is to deliver an immersive gaming experience that will take into account players physical and emotional states thus making the experience more challenging and interactive. We’re looking to capture player’s heart rate, brain wave and galvanic skin response (GSR) data.

    We have created a game that utilizes sounds and visuals to make the player go through different stages of biofeedback arousal: he can be scared, nervous, relaxed, or bored. The player wears a headset to measure brainwave activity and three sensors on his/hers fingers that measure heart beat variance and GSR. We also developed a tool to capture and analyze player’s biofeedback and compare it to a different person’s sample or data from a previous play of the game. With this, we hope to make it possible to control the biofeedback curve, flatten or sharpen it. One of potential uses for our game is to aid in overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder by having a patient play the game multiple times to flatten out the biofeedback curve.

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