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The focus of this project is to create a novel way of interacting (layering and selection of data) with the interface of a head mounted display system.

The method In-sight will use will be computer vision. The guest would wear a colored marker on his/her finger that would interact with the GUI of the display. The computer would detect the colored marker as input by tracking where it appears in the coordinate space of the screen. When the colored marker intersects with the area of the GUI element, the user make use of a pinching motion that would expand the element into more information.

When the user pinches his/her fingers touch two wires together that will complete a circuit sending a boolean value to the computer. The circuit tells the computer that an element has been selected. When the guest is finished with that information, he/she would "touch and click" the element again to clear it from the screen. Alternatively, the user can wear a small button on his/her thumb that would take the place of the cicuit. The direction of this method is subject to change.

The hardware that In-sight will be testing this interace on is the Vuzix iWear display and camera.

We are currently in the process of creating a prototype of this method of selection and layering of information. Please check back for more information.


The following is a visual outline of our current schedule.

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