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        Magic Mirror is the latest incarnation of the Entertainment Technology Center’s, Audience Interaction Project. The Audience Interaction Project has historically attempted to provide interactive experiences to large audiences in a movie theater setting. Audience interaction uses sensors to detect the behavior of the audience to affect a computer-generated experience.
        Magic Mirror differs from previous Audience Interaction projects in that it uses images of the audience as a background for the interactive experience.
  • Live video of the audience is taken
  • The video is analyzed to detect movement in the audience.
  • The image of the audience is projected onto a screen facing the audience – like a mirror.
  • Computer generated effects are projected, overlaid over the projected audience.
Magic Mirror places the audience into the experience.
  1. Create a fun, interactive experience for large audiences.
  2. Create an application that can be run by novice computer users on generic equipment.
  3. ...That could be the basis of a movie pre-show...
  4. ...That could entertain the masses at clubs or lounges...
  1. Magic Mirror
  2. Give the audience the option to interact or not
  3. Provide individual feedback and a feeling of agency to each guest
  4. Provides more structure to the audience in the form of mini-games
    • Magic Volleyball
    • Fortune Cookie Crackup
    • Thought Bubble Burst
    • Musical Note Knockdown
    • Barnyard Bonanza
What’s Next?
Semi-Permanent/Permanent Installations everywhere!