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The average guest test setup of Magic Mirror required the crew to transport a mini-tower computer, tv or monitor, video mixer, video camera, tripod, and cables. This equipment required 3-4 people to transport. By running Magic Mirror on a laptop, the two most cumbersome components of the system could be replaced with a much smaller, lighter device. Such a setup could allow a crew of 1-3 to easily transport the system.
  • Laptop Capabilities
    • IEEE-1394/USB
    • Direct3D Video Card Support
    • Win2K/WinXP
  • Laptop Performance
    • Magic Mirror requires a processor comparable to a 1.4 GHz Pentium 4.

Execution of Magic Mirror on a laptop required replacing the dedicated PXC capture card with more generic capture device ports. Using DirectShow, support was added for any supported Windows capture device, including plug-and-play IEEE-1394 and USB cameras.
Filter Graph
  • Video Capture Filter: Reads video stream from system capture device.
  • DV Decoder Filter: Converts the video stream from DV to various formats.
  • Sample Grabber Filter: Magic Mirror gets image frames from the video stream from the sample grabber to detect audience actions.
  • Video Render Filter: Draws video stream to screen.