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Cycle 4
  • Revamped Codebase
    • Improved Automation
      User-friendly scheduling utility generates text scripts to allow system operators to easily link various games and effects together into a scripted experience.
    • Code Organization
      Improved object model eases code maintenance as well as development of future games and effects.
    • Improved Portability
      Addition of Firewire and USB capture capabilities allow use of laptops and inexpensive web cameras.
    • Performance update
      Framerate is now 15 fps, lag of motion is roughly X ms

Cycle 3
  • Video Mixer
  • Ball Tracking (solid color)
  • Motion Effects
    • Motion highlighting
    • Motion triggering of video effects
  • Automation: Audience activity triggers special effects
  • Display
    • DirectX implementation
    • Play movies/display bitmaps