Week 01 – Project Starts

Project memoiAR

We are memoiAR, a five person team developing a AR innovative narrative to enhance live action experiences. This project is sponsored by Dr. Jessica Hammer.


This week we got all our housekeeping out of the way, setting up our computers and starting to decorate our project rooms.

We also arranged meetings with our client Dr. Jessica Hammer as well as our faculty advisers, Heather Kelley and Tom Corbett. We were even able to wrangle in the help of Ph. D student, Erica Cruz under the suggestion of Dr. Hammer who will be a valuable game design resource for our team.


As an AR focused project we have the choice between mobile, Magic Leap, Holo Lens, and Oculus.

Currently we are still prototyping the capabilities of each platform before we decide which would best suit our goals.