Game 5c: MARCH

Platform: Unity
Development time: 4 Weeks
Developed by: Felix Park
WASD to move, SPACE to jump, ESC to pause/restart from checkpoint

A first person exploratory game about a relationship.

Music and some sounds by Kevin MacLeod, used under Creative Commons.

Play it on Kongregate.

  • Bite

    frustrating… if you die, when you start over and have to find her by sound only, i wasted an hour looking for her, finally gave up……

  • Bite

    unplugged headphones while playing and got “plug in failure:

    • felixjwpark

      Looking up your problem seems to link it to Macs – are you using one? Could you also please describe the error a bit more in detail? Thanks!

  • Holy. Crap. That was amazing.

  • me

    i finally climbed  to the top, and then my screen went grey and keeps dinging at me Q.Q and it won’t let me continue D:

  • Awesome job, Felix. It reawakened a lot of memories for me, I’m glad the text sounded very personal.

  • Mike Christel

    I started off intrigued, with the shown text snippets and shadowy world driving me forward through the experience.  In the platform world, though, those same shadows and darkness conspired to aggravate me, especially when I twice misstepped off platforms and plunged back to the bottom of the room.  I never made it to the ceiling and needed some intermediate checkpoint, an easier mechanic, or more light to see the ascending platforms in order to drive me further along.  Perhaps a lesson learned is that even in meaningful play, frustrated players will walk away (unless that was the point of the exercise?!).

  • Gmbalco

    This is retarded.

  • SirDavies

    That was freaking amazing. Thanks for making it. 

  • Cam

    This has a strong, authentic emotion to it and some nice metaphors through the gameplay. Well done, mate!

  • Kacuś

    Kto z cd-action?

  • john

    what i must do when its a text
    she an i where fine with this distance?

  • Gawrson

    coś pięknego