What is Project Mirage?

Project Mirage is a semester-long project involving development of a new and
innovative platform/interface as an entry to the International Virtual Reality
Contest (IVRC), a Japanese-based competition held collaboratively with
Laval Virtual in France.

Our goal is to develop a highly interactive projection table that displays in
three-dimensions and is viewable from multiple sides. Utilizing recent innovations in fog screen technology, we plan to make an interactive display that gives guests a window
into an exciting, highly immersive playspace.

Our inspiration comes from many films and television shows like Star Wars and Star Trek, which often featured ethereal display technologies such as R2D2's display unit and the
U.S.S. Enterprise's holodeck.


5/5/10 - Finals are today!

4/20/10 - Soft openings this Friday!

3/30/10 - Mark III construction has begun!