WEEK 4: Time to Rock

This is Leona, the co-producer and designer for this project. After narrowing down the basic concept, we have got clearer thoughts and visions on the actual product to build. It is now time to get hands dirty and rock!

On Monday, we had critiques on branding materials. After several iterations, the final design was confirmed.


Then it came to the actual product we are creating. We developed the idea narrowed done from the last week and come up with a more concrete sccenarios on the interaction and a structure of the overall project. In the mean time we also started to build our first prototype with a simple story to prove our concept.

We presented this idea to multiple people, including home team member, our instructors and the visiter from EA and gain different feedbacks which then revealed our major challenges for our product.

  •  How to initiate empathy?
  •  Personalize the player’s experience with efficient interaction.
  •  Balance between subtle and bold
    •  Give strong impact to communicate the information without offending specific group of people
    •  Break the defensive states of the audience.
  •  Entertainment elements
  •  The Story writing

In respond to the feedbacks and challenges we are facing, we tried to gathering more information from different sources and iterate the design to meet our goal. we are very lucky to be able to connect with M Shernal Smith, who worked actively on the racism issues on cmu campus. She provided us with a lot valuable sources and information, which deepened our understanding on the matter as well as inspirted on the story developing.


Quater is around the corner. Time to rock.

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