Newsletter Week 13

Week 13 (4/14 – 4/18)

Previous Week

Last week our team focused on getting new assets into the game, implementing the necessary code to update the player’s avatars real time and give the responsiveness our player’s wanted, and designing in game instructions.

Week Overview

Early in the week the team’s programmers worked on addressing some technical issues with updating the player’s avatars real-time.  With these problems resolved, the team moved forward with adding drag and drop text chat functionality, new environment art created by Hayley, new UI elements made by Shirley, and additional animations made by Youn.

Christian and Hayley also worked to adjust the design of the chat and tutorial, while Goksu and Maria worked together to get all the remaining functionality in place and troubleshoot issues as they came up.


Platy Speech Bubble resize

With many of the remaining pieces being put into place at the end of this week, the team worked to iron out any remaining issues.  We currently have a finished prototype with all of our target functionality in place.


The faculty will play the finished prototype of our game at soft opening on Monday, and we will use the remaining two weeks addressing their feedback, making small improvements, and merging our component with the original Questyinz so that it can be released this summer.

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