Newsletter Week 14

Week 14 (4/21 – 4/25)

Previous Week

With the major technical issues resolved, the team focused last week on design adjustment and implementation of last remaining features, in-game instructions and a phrase builder, and polishing with what time was left before soft opening.

Week Overview

This week the team had the project’s soft opening on Monday and showed the faculty the product of all the semester’s hard work. We had the faculty play through a demo of the experience and even interacted with them in the virtual space.

By the middle of the week we received the faculty’s feedback and set priorities for the remaining week and half of work.  The main impression from the faculty was that the game had a lot of good ideas and features but there was almost too much content and it suffered from a lack of unifying user interface.

With this in mind we established our priorities as:

  1. Focus on creating UI elements of one style and with a connection to the original Questyinz UI.
  2. Smooth out the interactions as much as possible in the bookshelf and quest system


By the end of the week we had meet with Shirley Yee and Jessica Hammer to get feedback and advice on shaping the interactions and UI.  The team’s artists selected a uniform style and divided the labor for UI elements, completing many of them by the weekend.

Christian worked with Goksu to test the existing application and make slight design adjustments where needed, while Youn adjusted animations and Maria supported with any changes that were needed on the backend.  One of the adjusted UI layouts is below:

new UI


The team has made good progress over the week and plans to limit the scope of any adjustments outside of UI, as there is only 1 week remaining.

We will work intelligently with the time we have left, and plan to have 1 more playtest in the coming week to give our client and users the best product possible.

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