People always love story. We read books, watch movies and listen to videos. All we want is a good story. With virtual reality technology, the way people know new story will be totally different.


Team Member

Tina Liao

Artist, Designer

Tina is an artist passionate about storytelling. She is interested in VR in games and animations. I love to bring the story out of your canvas alive, creating your own worlds starts from nothing without limitation. I want to create art that represent who I am and sharing with people who share the same values with me.

Boyao Chu

Producer, Programmer

Boyao is the producer and programmer of the team. He is learning how to use VR devices to create and bring user an immersive experience. Hopefully, in his last semester in Carnegie Mellon University he can finish a really impressive product with his team.

River Liu


River Liu, the wizard apprentice who has spent the last ten years studying and practicing the art of code, and is now on her journey to explore the uncharted land of VR storytelling with her friends.

Navyata Bawa


Navyata is pursuing Masters in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and she is currently working on Unity3D for an interactive virtual reality story-telling experience with Oculus.


Mystique - Dare to IMAGINE

Project Description

Mystique is using Oculus to evoke precise emotions through stories and to provide the user with a completely new immersive storytelling experience, creating an aura of affinity that makes them feel stronger than they have ever felt before. Through the medium of this totally immersive environment created by Virtual Reality, we will explore creative ways to really bring people into story - To see what we see, to hear what we hear and to feel what we feel. We hope that this experience makes them feel it is not just a story, it is a memory.

Contact Info

  • 209 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065