Week 16

Last week! We did our final presentation for about 40 guests and they tried our demo after all 4 teams’ presentation. We are very excited to see that all of our change works perfectly! Here is the answer for some really great questions Mike Christel(ETC faculty) asked and we really want to share our thought […]

Week 15

Based on the feedback we have received from our two instructors Carl and Erin, we made several small changes and spent some time fixing bugs. After we made all of the changes, we playtest demo by ourselves to see if there is any unexpected error or improvements that we can made. We also spent a […]

Week 14

We have received a lot of useful feedback from soft opening and we made a lot of changes based on that. 1. We added a light bulb on the head of the fish to indicate whether the fish is being controlled. On soft, although we try to teach player about the basic mechanism of our […]

Week 13

Finally! Soft Opening Week! We are really excited about this big festival because we will show our product, our experience to public at San Francisco! Based on the number of the total guests who confirmed will come and the length of our experience, we eventually decide to carry four machines and run three demos at […]

Week 12

Getting ready for Soft Opening! In this week, we basically finished all story line part in our interactive storytelling experience. In programming side, we have finished the shark part code and interaction! So after user is able to direct fishes in our demo to light up the environment for several times, a giant and scary […]

Week 11

Developing week! In this week we had a special guest –¬†Anthony Daniels! He tried our demo and gave us some really valuable feedback. We were all very glad that he liked our demo! In week 11, our work mainly focus on two parts. We spend some time working on the texture and shader for the […]

Week 10

Half Presentation Week! We cannot believe it is already the half of the semester! In this week, we went over with Carl and Erin about our final slides and we went to the final presentation place to practice several times. We feel really good to do the presentation in front of those industry people and […]

Week 9

Spring Break! This week is the spring break of CMU. But our diligent teammate Tina and River still worked for the whole week to make sure that our demo works as we planed. Right now the demo almost has everything we want with a lot of assets and beautiful music. We are very excited to […]

Week 8

Developing week! In week 8, we spent most of our time to develop our demo to make sure that we can show something great on half presentation! Because we only has two weeks before half presentation and one of them is spring week, the time we have is pretty limited. Based on our schedule and […]

Week 7

GDC week! In this week many of us went to attend GDC and meet new friends. We received a lot of useful feedback from both Oculus studio people and game industry people in GDC. We would like to share some of the useful feedback that we received with you to give a basic understanding about […]