Week 7

GDC week!

In this week many of us went to attend GDC and meet new friends. We received a lot of useful feedback from both Oculus studio people and game industry people in GDC. We would like to share some of the useful feedback that we received with you to give a basic understanding about how other people think about our product.

Explore bioluminescence.

Try WeVR’s “The Blue” – this doesn’t have any interactivity, FYI.

Gameplay idea: shadow of a shark passing but the light from your fish light friends could scare the shark away if you could excite the fish light friends enough.

A fun haptic could be the feedback when you try to grab a fish but it’s too slippery and you feel it wriggle out of your hand.

Short VR experiences do not need a complete narrative.

A fun hand mechanic to simulate the resistance you feel in water is your hand flat with your palm moving left to right vs up/down.

Marshmallow VR has an unreleased experience that incorporate jellyfish.

Explore how music can create a crescendo so that we feel the transition from fear to joy.

Try Gnomes and Goblins.

Maybe there’s opportunity to incorporate learning processes, similar to how it’s done in G&G, that you can incorporate.

Sara Vogl’s Lucid Trips (available on Steam store) creates a mechanic where the user uses their hands to propel themselves through the environment. It would be worthwhile to try a number of experiences that use hands to create movement.

Try Flower.

You immediately understand the goal in this simple experience. A music video by Kygo – jellysifh effects Game builds where you can literally wrap a jellyfish around you Sounds- Ambient sounds and volume has to be constantly maintained.

All of these feedback are extremely useful and we are really excited to know that many people would like to try our demo after we finish it and give us feedback. At current stage, although there is a lot of things we need to do, I feel we can definitely finish all the task we have and provide a great product!


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