Week 10

Half Presentation Week!

We cannot believe it is already the half of the semester! In this week, we went over with Carl and Erin about our final slides and we went to the final presentation place to practice several times. We feel really good to do the presentation in front of those industry people and show everything we are proud of.


We think we presented ourselves very clearly and efficiently. Although it is not that easy to present our story in several minutes,  we tried our best to use enough visual components to demonstrate the story and give the audience a straightforward impression about our whole plan.  Actually we think we do a great job in this part because after presentation people all think that the slides we use to introduce our story looks really good and they all have a good understanding about our story line.


We put everything together in the half version of our demo. Right now it looks much better than what we have in quarters. As for the mechanism, we optimized a lot and try to change it as simple as we can so that user will not feel frustrated. We also added more environment assets to the demo such as water bubbles and seaweeds to make our underwater environment looks more real. In the end, we would like to mention that although the lighting up of the environment mechanism looks not that beautiful, we all think that part works pretty good to give user a straight visual feedback.


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