Week 11

Developing week!

In this week we had a special guest –¬†Anthony Daniels! He tried our demo and gave us some really valuable feedback. We were all very glad that he liked our demo!

In week 11, our work mainly focus on two parts. We spend some time working on the texture and shader for the environment light up part. Before we implemented new texture and shader, when players use fish to light up the environment they will say a weird yellow color which we use to represent the light up effect. Right now the light up parts look much more beautiful than what we have in last week. Also we have implemented a shader so that the object will be light up from one point to the whole object which looks more normal.

As for shark part, we have not completed the animation and model of it. But the basic mechanism is finished and small fishes will be scared when our giant shark appear and those small fishes will simply swim away. At beginning, we planed to let the shark eat all small fishes. But given the limited time, we think a easier and more efficient way is to simply let the fish swim at a direction from player’s position to the the fish’s current position. It looks pretty normal and it is very straightforward for programmers to implement. Right now what is left for the shark part is a really scary background music. We are working on this with our sound designer and we believe after we put shark sound into demo the whole atmosphere will definitely evoke user’s afraid of underwater environment.

In this week, we will finish the shark part and try to finish the beginning part of our demo. Hopefully by the end of this week we will have something complete with high quality!

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