Week 12

Getting ready for Soft Opening! In this week, we basically finished all story line part in our interactive storytelling experience.

In programming side, we have finished the shark part code and interaction! So after user is able to direct fishes in our demo to light up the environment for several times, a giant and scary shark will appear and swim around user. It is a huge moment in our storytelling experience and we found it worked very well to give user a emotion transmission. After big shark appears for some time, user will see a group of bright white fish coming to them. By introducing this, we hope user will realize that those fishes are very powerful and they are not afraid of big shark. In the end, user will be able to direct those shinning fishes and scare shark away.

As for environment, we polished our environment and make some changes for the beginning part of our demo. Right now we have a start scene which can be also seen as a tutorial part of the whole experience. We are very excited about that part because many people said that as long as they figured out how to control the fishes in our experience, they really enjoy the whole interactive experience.

In art and design side, we have finished all texture for the object and right now when users light up the environment, they will be able to see a very beautiful environment change.

From playtest we have on Monday, people all liked the mechanism in our demo and they have a really deep impression about the music change after they light up the first object. However, they did not feel afraid of underwater at beginning. But they did have some emotion change at the end half of our story experience. According to the feedback we collect from playtest, we will focus more on the beginning part to create a more scary beginning.

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