Week 13

Finally! Soft Opening Week!

We are really excited about this big festival because we will show our product, our experience to public at San Francisco! Based on the number of the total guests who confirmed will come and the length of our experience, we eventually decide to carry four machines and run three demos at same time. But as a team only has one boy, we spend a lot of time and energy carrying all of the machines and devices which is a little bit tired for us.  Fortunately, based on the total number of the guests who came eventually, we are glad that we have brought enough machines so that everyone can try our experience!

From the feedback we collect, most of them are really satisfied about our product and they enjoy going through the whole experience. The emotion they feel in the end basically meets our expectation. And in the whole experience, they can feel the emotion coaster from the scary at beginning to the relaxed and satisfied in the end which also meets the requirement. However, there are still many things that can be improved in the following two weeks before final.

  1. More feedback when user tries to control the fish. Some times they do not know if they are controlling the fish and they are not sure how to control the fish.
  2. More tutorials at beginning to let user be familiar with the whole mechanism.
  3. When shark appears, more feedback to let user know why the shark leaves and how to scare shark away.

Two weeks left! We can definitely make our experience better!

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