Week 6

In week 6, we made a lot of progress! Based on quarter feedback, we changed almost the entire story and whole design. I think in quarter we received a lot of feedback but some of them said that what we have is more like a game instead of a story. That changes many things and […]

Week 5

I cannot believe quarter week has come already! This week, we spent a lot of time refining our story and preparing for the quarters walk-around. Also we made many changes for our demo based on the playtest feedback and our own playtest experience. Demo: For the demo original version, we made following changes: add lanterns, […]

Week 4

Prototyping Week! In this week, we did fast prototyping to see if all mechanism and particle effects work well as we imagine. In our weekly team meeting, Carl and Erin tried our demo which has basic mechanisms implemented such as light grab, light release and hand moving detection. They felt our mechanism worked pretty good […]

Week 3

In week 3, we finalized our website and updated everything on the website to make sure all information is correct. After several team meetings, we have our final idea!!Yeeees! Before talking about our idea, I will give a brief description about what we have done in this week. Since quarter walk-around is coming, Tina spent […]

Week 2

Hi, in second ¬†week, team Mystique made a lot of progress. We decided our final¬†three ideas and iterated them so that they are easier to understand and the emotion in the story is strong. Also we have setup our website and the content in the website will be updated as soon as possible. And we […]

Week 1

Hi everyone, welcome to the first week blog of team Mystique! In week 1, we had our kick up meeting with Carl and Erin. Honestly, before the meeting, we have no ideas about what we are going to make and what we should expect. So in the meeting we communicate a lot with Carl and […]