Newsletter 3

We had a productive week here at neuraltone. After last week’s meeting with Dr. Holt and her team, we had settled on 3 ideas to prototype. The 2D Side Scrolling Dodger, the Radial Shooter, and Deep Sea Diver. Rod, Evan, and Lei each tacked a specific prototype and finished  a basic version by Friday.


Rod’s Deep Sea Diver incorporated a lot of special effects to sell the feeling of being under water. Evan’s 2D Side Scroller turned into a shooter and demonstrated tight controls. And Lei’s Radial Shooter was useful as a proof on concept for a specific control scheme that turned out to be workable. With these results we returned to the client on Friday afternoon through skype. Our current goal is to refine these prototypes and return on Wednesday for demonstrations to the client.


We have also narrowed down our branding look to a couple designs, and will have a final version by this coming Monday. In the coming week, we plan to make sure our prototypes are indicitiave of our final concepts, finalize our website and branding feel, and begin itemizing the list of desired research data given to us by Dr. Holt’s team. Thanks for reading!