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Terry Sperringer

Programmer – Unity 3D and OpenCV

Once upon a time a brave young lad stopped a terrible evil and saved the kingdom of Hyrule from falling under complete darkness. He then went on a quest to defeat the Dragon Lord, crossing numerous bridges and venturing through dangerous lands -each land more dangerous with every bridge he crossed. He also vanquished Count Dracula, saved the Mushroom Kingdom, foiled several plots of Dr. Wily and Dr. Robotnik to conquer the world using robots, took first place in the Tournament of World Warriors, and also accomplished many other amazing feats and deeds. But then his grandmother and aunt wanted to watch the Young and the Restless (or the Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, or Days of Our Lives), so he went fishing at a creek nearby. Who was this lad and what became of him?

Terence Sperringer is a computer programmer who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with bachelors degrees in Computer Science and Japanese Language and Culture. Oceanus is his third project at the ETC and he is enthralled to be a part of the Oceanus team. His passion for developing video games is only surpassed by his love for playing them.