Week 9

Week 9 was during the week of the Game Developers Conference, so we were able to accomplish significantly less work. Since half of our team was at GDC, we chose to cancel our meeting with our clients. Our most significant advances during the week came in the form of the challenge system, which allows players to challenge friends to beat their best time on their own personal level. We included functionality to allow players to play another random players level, so that everyone would be able to engage in the multiplayer side of the game regardless of the number of friends that they had playing. This challenge system is linked up to the players friends list which is imported from Facebook, so they player does not need to spend time adding friends. Additionally we were able to get most of the remaining UI required completed and redesigned the in game map so that the progression of the game would be clearer. To do this we segmented the map into 4 sections for the 4 different worlds that the players will need to complete to complete the campaign levels. Each section is to be themed around the world which it represents.