Week 10

Week 10 was the week of our halves presentation, so the majority of our efforts in the first half of the week were focused on preparing for the presentation. We wanted the presentation to convey our game and process, but also have entertaining moments. To achieve this we made use of multiple gifs of particular moments during the game, such as the victory animation, and videos of us trying to cheat at our own game. We consulted with our faculty mentors to review our presentation, and they gave us some key points to modify; specifically we had far too much text throughout the presentation. After paring down the amount of text, we spent the remainder of our time before halves timing our delivery, and refining the content so that we could be certain we would finish in time. During this time we also considered possible weak points in the presentation that the faculty was likely to ask questions about. The presentation went relatively smoothing with only a couple verbal mistakes, and we were able to answer the faculty questions with direct information from our development process. Our clients seemed to be happy with the presentation, and afterward we gave them a demo of the application in the current and informally toured them around the building.

Following halves, we knew that we had precious time left in the semester, so we took our schedule that we had presented at halves, and broke down the timeline of each task. Our artist is planning to go to a conference next week, so we knew that we had to be especially careful with tasking the development of art assets. We refined the map and updated the UI elements for the map at the end of the week, so that we would be certain that we had the art assets that we needed to move forward before our artist left. We also considered our current input system, and began devising a way to do A/B testing at the upcoming ETC playtest day. Our current plan as of the end of this week is to establish the tutorial and dialog system before playtest day, repair all known bugs, and integrate an A/B testing system for our input.