Week 12

Week 12 started with our client meeting, in which we presented them with our new athlete images, UI and tutorial. They reached out to all of the athletes and got their approval for our representation of their likeness. They seemed excited to finally see the athletes represented in the game, but they had a few edits to the uniform that they required of us so that we were not infringing on any contracts that they had with Nike, who produces the official uniform. We gave them a more recent testing link to the application and asked them to play through so that they could both get a feel of the game and let us know if there were any readability issues.

After the client meeting we began redesigning the athlete uniforms and working on the live event system. We are developing two sides to the live event system, one that the clients can use to set up the live event, and the player side where they interact with the live event. On the client side, it will include the level builder, so that they can customize the challenges for the live event, the level selector, so that they can pick in which order the players will experience the levels, and the leader board, which shows all of the participants and their score. On the player side, they will also be able to see the leader board, but they will also see a much simpler version of the main menu in which the only levels available will be the ones selected to be part of the live event. We plan to test the live event system extensively as this will be the primary way that the player base is introduced to the game.

The changes that we need to make to the athlete uniforms are primarily to avoid copyright infringement, particularly in the pattern of the jersey and the typeface that “USA” is set in. Additionally the clients had asked us to make the jerseys seem more patriotic, so we are shifting from monochrome jerseys to red white and blue jerseys. We plan to send these out to the clients before our next meeting so that they can review and approve them before the meeting.

At the end of the week the live event system has been completed with rough UI elements, next week we plan to test and refine the live event system and then show it to the clients in order to get their input.