Week 15

As softs for this week are on Monday, we delayed our client meeting until Thursday this week. During softs, much of the faculty feedback highlighted on problems that we already knew about such as issues with the jumping part of the tutorial, but they also raised some issues that we had not considered. Most prominent of these were regarding our end of level scorecard, which according to the faculty did not really convey any information to the player. They did not know what they had won or why they had won it, which is a major problem because we are relying on players wanting to play until they master the core levels. To revise this we are going to look at other racing games and see how they represent this information, then adapt our UI accordingly. Additionally one of the faculty members found that the game was hackable again, after we had reduced the running and jumping threshold. While not particularly great if players figure out that they don’t need to exercise, we do not believe that it is possible to both accommodate older devices and prevent the game from being hackable. We decided that we would rather have a wider playerbase, smoother motion, and hackable, over limiting the game to latest generation phones, jerky motion, and not hackable.

Overall we believe that softs went very well, and that the faculty enjoys playing our game. Consistently the faculty seemed skeptical of our game walking in the room but once they started jogging and jumping, they seemed to love it. Our presentation during softs took significantly less time than we had predicted, and we probably would have had time to present the live event system. We will be sure to keep this in mind the next time that we are going to present the project for an extended period of time.