Osiris is working with the CMU Hacking Team (PPP or Plaid Parliament of Pwning) and their faculty adviser,
Prof. David Brumley to design a nation-wide high school competition (picoCTF) to encourage computer security and computer science education.

The goal of this project is to help design, implement, and run a compelling and authentic computer security game that will teach beginners the basics and challenge the experts as well. The game will be called ‘Toaster Wars.’

Toaster Wars will feature high school students hacking real computer systems across multiple levels interwoven into a realistically motivating storyline. The game is about..

“When a robot from space crash lands in your backyard it’s up to your hacking skills to fix him and uncover the secret he carries…”

Teams PPP and Osiris will work together to help implement and run Toaster Wars, currently scheduled for
April 26th 2013 – May 6th 2013.