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Video Description: Demo created using Pandai v0.5 showing "Seek" and "Flee" behaviors working together. Eggs SEEK the basket until they get close enough to cause the monster to scare them away, at which point their FLEE behavior is triggered. The bigger eggs are slower and more difficult to scare.


Pandai in BVW:

Graduate students in the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University are all required to take a Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) course in their first semester of the program.  For the class, students are placed into teams of 4-5 people, and each team is given around 2 weeks to create some sort of virtual interactive-entertainment experience using the Panda3D game engine.  This process repeats after every round, up to five times over the course of the entire 16-week semester, and the students end up creating many unique and engaging experiences across a multitude of different platforms.

As we developed different versions of our collection of A.I. systems for Panda3D, we made them available to the BVW 2009 students so that they would have the option of trying out some of the behaviors in their projects.  A few teams took advantage of the “Seek” behavior that was offered in the initial release to the class, Panda v0.1.  A compilation of these three BVW worlds is seen in the video below, and we have gone through and highlighted both “Seeker” and “Target” in all cases:


*It should be noted that both “Seek” and “Pursue” behaviors in v0.1 were simply referred to as “Seek” and we have since changed our terminology in more recent version of Pandai to comply with A.I. standards.

Worlds and Team Members:

The Great Space Airship - Evelyn Chang, Sreekrishna Jayadevan, Kim Kiser, Freddie Sulit

The third annual Inventor's Kerfuffle - Stephen Dewhurst, David Teot, Paulwei Wang, Craig Wells

DodgeBall Madness - Rob Chan, Danielle Holsteine, Wei-Feng Huang, Franz Mendosa, Li Ping