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AI Types


Some Terms and Definitions


Game A.I. Steering Behaviors

1. Seek


Video Description: Five NPCs (red) all SEEK their respective static targets, which are represented by yellow spheres dispersed throughout the 3-dimensional space.



2. Pursue


Video Description: The two NPCs (red) PURSUE their respective wandering targets (blue NPCs). 



3. Flee


Video Description: Four NPCs (red) FLEE from different static points, which are represented by yellow spheres dispersed throughout the 3-dimensional space.



4. Evade


Video Description: The NPC (red) is set to EVADE the player-controlled character (blue) whenever it gets too close.  After evading a certain distance away from the blue character, the red character comes to a stop.



5. Arrival


Video Description: The NPC (red) enacts the ARRIVAL behavior whenever it comes close to completing its pursuit of an invisible point located directly behind the player-controlled character (blue).  The fact that this “pursue point” is placed behind the blue character instead of centered within it, means that the NPC will arrive next to its target as opposed to directly over it.



6. Wander


Video Description: All NPCs (red) WANDER around the 3-dimensional space.  The wander behavior is caused by random points being generated within an invisible boundary in front of each NPC.  The NPC continuously seeks these random points, so that it appears to be wandering around aimlessly.



7. Flock


Video Description: Groups of NPCs (red, pink, and yellow) FLOCK together, and each separate flock pursues the player-controlled character (blue).  Different colors distinguish the different flocking groups, but they are also there to show how variations of the behavior can be created by adjusting the tuners.  For example, the NPCs in the red flock have “visibility cones” with lower viewing angles, so their flock does not stay together as well as pink and yellow.  The separate flocks have also been given different speeds. 



8. Obstacle Avoidance

Video Description:  A player-controlled character (yellow egg) is moved around the plain, while a flock of NPCs (white eggs) all pursue and use OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE to navigate around the obstacles (tress).  



9. Path Follow

Video Description:  The NPC (red) traverses around a set path, formed by four waypoints (yellow spheres).