Monthly Archives: October 2015

Week 8

  • Rachel finished scene 9 and scene 1 animation and had scene 5 and 10 animation ready for review.

Scene 9:

Scene 1:

Scene 5:

Scene 10:

  • Qing locked down the material and rendering for scene 9 and solved the technical challenge for dissolving process of scene 1:


  • Ryan improved the rigging further and here is the demo:

  • Angela worked on the scene 1 and scene 9 fluid simulation and researched on the composting
  • Add steam (pyro simulation) to the egg

Week 7

  • Rachel finished the block animation of scene 12, part of the scene 13 and 14 based on the story board. Below is the playblast of the draft:

Scene 12:

Scene 13:

Scene 14:

  • Moreover, She worked on the character animation for scene 1 and already finished some demo. Scene 1 has been reviewed by faculty and would be locked and rendered out next week.
  • Qing detailed and locked down the environment for scene 2 and scene 12. Below shows the results:

Scene 2:



Scene 12:


  • Moreover, she researched on the material and did some test rendering:


  • Ryan prepared the special rigs for scene 1 which the character needs to grow from small to normal size.
  • Worked on the emotional expression based on the previous emotion study
  • Fixed the gimbal lock bug existing in the scene 13

  • Angela test different different kinds of trail and locked down the final look.
  • She also worked on parameters of the trail to achieve different look of far, near and middle shot

Week 6

  1. This week we have finished the block animation for scene 10, 5, 6 and 3.

  2. For the environment , Qing designed three different paddle gate style and we chose to use the last one for our animation. style1_test
    style3_teststyle2_testThe environment models for Scene 9 was mostly done. The second image is the camera shot. Qing will work on the material next weekScene9_full Scene9_cameraShot
  3. The blue character model was done and Ryan finished the rigs. We decided to use a separate plane to represent  iris because we could have much more control on the shape to express more emotions.bluecharacter_rigging
  4. Angela worked on the fire simulation and results shows below:

    Because of the environment scale issue, for now the fire path moves slow and looks not natural. We have re-import the model as FBX format and scale it down. we will have final fire simulation next week

Week 5

This week, we had quarter check – walkarounds. Our team decided to make a scene demo to prove our pipeline.  We chose scene 3-4 as our demo.

  1. Rachy(Animator) finished animation for demo and worked on the scene 2.ani
  2. Angela(Effects Artist) added fluid into the shell.fluid
  3. Qing(Material Artist) applied material to all the assets and rendered out.demo
  4. Ryan is still working on the character rigging and here is the demo shows the progress


  1. We still have problem conducting fluid simulation within high speed container. Thus we tried to only simulate the surface of the fluid. This method can work with far shot efficiently, not as well with close shot.
  2. The materials of shell and fluid were transparent enough to show the character animation inside, but did not have enough glowing.