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Week 13

Post Production:

After discussed with Ruth, we decided to use the original storyboard ending. Rachel worked on the scene 14 camera path and animated the robots.

Qing worked hard on the Maya rendering.RednerFarmCapture

Angela worked on the composting and did the character trails.

Ryan helped Qing to create some background models.

We will show our final video next week!!



Week 12

Post Production:
Our goal for this week is to lock the timing and give the latest animatics to sound people.
Qing worked hard with Maya rendering,set up the material and lighting for each scene.
Angela worked on the water simulation for scene 6, scene 12 and scene 10. Moreover, she refined the water behavior for scene 3.
Qing and Angela worked closely to test the transition from scene 1 to scene 2. The results shows below:
Ryan kept working on the crowds for scene 13, scene 5 and scene 10:

Ryan also helped to animate the purple character for scene 12 and Angela add the fluid simulation.scene12




This week our team also re-filmed a second time with the actors from main campus. We worked on re-shooting additional and more refined shots to capture emotion, gesture and expression. We also filmed in the green screen room to later test what an image replace might look like.

1 142 1013 11



Week 11


This week work continued on The Race.  Rachel returned from conference and has been working hard to complete the character animation for the remaining scenes. The motion graphics have been designed and are in the process of being integrated with the scenes. The environment and effects are coming along nicely as well. We have also been meeting with two students who will be developing our music and sound effects for the piece.

And… We have names for the characters!

graphics lineup




On Sunday our team worked with students from the school of drama to film a live action run through of the storyboard. This was useful to see the actors expressions and gestures in the story, and to help explore camera angles. Based off this footage, we will be refining the camera blocking on the storyboards. Then we will re-shoot again to get a more complete version of the animatic. Below are some stills from the actors reference footage.


03 04

Week 10

  • This week, Rachel left for conference and she had already finished animation scene 3, scene 13, scene 5 and scene 10.
  • Qing kept working on the scene environment and set up the materials and lighting for the rendering.
  • Angela developed the fireworks in Maya for scene 5 and 10. Moreover, she worked closely with Qing to determine the look for final composting.
  • Ryan is preparing  the tools for animation re-targeting and finished the robot rigging for scene 14robot_Rigging

Week 9

This week was our 1/2 presentations to faculty and students. Here are a few of the things we talked about:


This is the piece we are developing to hand off to next semester, but here is our progress so far:

  1. We have our script and story written and locked. We may be making small refinements to to the emotions of the characters to be more clear to the viewer. To do this we will be working with live actors to help us film the emotions and gestures of the characters.
  2. Our storyboards are in progress based off of our script.  here are a few of the initial sketches


3. Additionally, we plan to create a live acted animatic, and test the transition scene to have a tech process outlined for the next team



1. We have established  our final look and feel for the completed animation and rendered out two complete scenes to show in a trailer. Below are some screen shots from the trailer showing the look of the film.


red character flamesp&gegg