Monthly Archives: December 2015

Week 15


This week we were working with our composer to refine the music in the final version and record announcer voice over.  We had two versions of the announcers recorded, but after listening to the animation together with the audio, we felt the audio might be a little overpowering and detract from the film. Before we made our decision, we decided to gather feedback. We showed our film at the BVW Festival (without voice over)and asked guests after if they were confused or didn’t understand parts of the story. We were happy to see that nearly all guests were able to understand the story clearly without voice over. Before we made our final decision we talked with faculty to see what they thought. Most agreed that the story was clear enough without the speakers. However because the announcers did help to establish character for the creatures, we instead decided to record  voice/sounds for the creatures to reflect their personalities.


With production wrapping up, the team switched to finish creating several technical tests for the transition, scene and expressions.

Week 14

This week we had our Soft opening with faculty visiting our room and offering feedback for what to focus on before finals.  We showed a scene complete render of our production animation as well as the edited live action animatic for our pre-production piece. There was a lot of helpful feedback that we worked to organize to see what to polish in these last weeks.

After softs our team met to prioritize our list of edits to make before finals and plan out our schedule preparing for the BVW festival and finals.