Lovers Meet Script

Below is the story script for Lovers Meet. Over the semester it has evolved quite a bit as the characters emotions and reactions have changed. In the script we have sections of  inner monologue planned for the main character, Isaac. However, because of the art style our team chose, we feel it would be ideal to be able to tell the story through gesture, music or other non verbal means. We hope the team next semester will get to a point in the animation, where the story is clear enough without the monologue and be able to remove it.

While the script is complete there may be the possibility to refine the last scene to create a stronger ending. One alternate idea is included at the end of the script.


Isaac, a male college student, is at the art museum. He has an art appreciation essay that is due next Monday. He walks up to a painting hanging on the wall, checks its number, and then sits down on a bench in front of it. He carries a notebook and assignment sheet with him.  Isaac is lonely in life and so lacks a lot of motivation.  He pulls out the printed assignment sheet from his notebook and looks at it.

CU of the assignment, the painting is listed and titled “Lovers Meet”.  He sighs.  Camera moves back to Isaac as he still looks at the page. inner monolog – “Why can’t that ever be me?” He looks up at the painting.

CU of painting, there is only a single male figure sitting on the bench, slumped a bit.  CU of the guy, Inner Monolog-  “Boy do I know how he feels.  Wait a minute…” looking puzzled, he looks back down at the page of paper. CU of the page, we see a printout of the painting and the picture shows a couple together in the painting.  CU of the guy,  “ok, that is not right”  Looks back up to the painting on the wall. CU of the painting, the male figure is no longer on the bench but standing away from it looking anxious. CU of Isaac who believes he is seeing things, shakes his head, rubs his eyes and get up to get a closer view of the painting.


Scene 2

He gets up and leans close into the painting,  very close and CU we see that the male figure has moved again.

Isaac who is very close to painting, is curious and without thinking reaches out to touch the male figure in the painting. When he touches the painting a water ripple is sent across the image and startles Isaac who pulls his hand back. But there are strands of wet paint dripping from his fingers to the painting. The paint then slowly and magically seeps out of the painting and creeps up his arm changing him into the style of the painting as it draws him closer to the painting. Finally the paint encompasses him and pulls him into painting.

Scene 3

Isaac , now in the painting, freaks out.  “Woah, what just happened?”   “What is this place?” “this is incredible, but what am I doing here?  He looks around and sees the world of the painting fascinated.  

Scene 4

As he looks around he walks backward and bumps into Art, the man in the painting who is waiting by the lamp post. Art initially thinks Isaac is his date and is surprised and hopeful. After realizing its not he is disappointed. Isaac wondering what is going on shows him his assignment and art recognizes himself. Isaac wonders what is going on and where his date is, but Art doesn’t know, and sullenly goes to sit on the bench and wait. Isaac tries to go up and talk to him, but Art wants to be left alone.

Scene 5

Isaac walks away and starts to look around when he hears faint crying from within the trees.  The camera follows him as he begins walking through the trees.

Scene 6

On the other side of this small treed area opens up into a mirror of the path and bench area that we just left.  On the bench sits a woman who is crying.

Isaac walks over to her and she is startled at first. He shows her the assignments sheet and tries to tell her he knows where her date is at. She is not sure whether to trust Isaac at first, but really wants to find her date and so decides to trust him. Together they walk back through the trees.

Scene 7

He leads the woman quickly through the trees and back out to the other bench where the male figure still sits.  The woman sees the man and immediately knows that he is the one, runs to him and they embrace.  The lovers begin to walk away down the lane. The camera pulls back from the two of them, over the shoulder of Isaac who is now alone again.

Scene 8

Isaac is happy for the couple but is sad for himself. We see His expression change to loneliness as he watches the couple. Then he starts to hear muffled voices and is not sure where they are coming from. He looks around. Then he feels a tap on his shoulder and looks back. As he does he isquickly pulled out of the painting by the shoulder.

Scene 9

In the real world, Isaac is still standing in front of the painting still touching it.  The security guard is standing next to him “Sir, please do not touch the paintings.” Isaac stands upright and looks puzzled at the guard. “Sorry, I … “ he looks back at his hand to see some paint strokes still on his fingertips. He looks back up one last time to the painting and sees Art tipping his Hat thank you.

Scene 10

he turns to walk  back to the bench. on his way he looks at the paint left on his fingertips. He looks up about to sit on the bench and sees the girl on the bench.  She looks up and smiles.  He goes to sit next to her on the bench and realizes they have the same assignment. They start a conversation as the camera pans up to the original painting in the museum.

*Alternate refinement Scene 10:

The ending for this piece is challenging because we want to see that Isaac has changed or somehow how has his situation changed by the events in the painting but right now he only shows the girl his assignment and they have something in common.

An alternative possible ending for the story is that as Isaac is checking his fingers for paint at the end, he could start to walk back or backwards to the bench(like how he bumps into Art) and stumbles into the bench where the girl is sitting. As he falls the girl catches him/grabs his hand(the one with the paint) and gets paint on her hand too. We see the paint glow or some magical effect to show the established connection and they sit next to each other and start a conversation as the scenes end like before.