The Client

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC

Alex Lee

Alex Lee has been building games professionally since the mid 90’s. With over 20 shipped games, His titles span many platforms and genres. Initially specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Alex now likes to concentrate on how people can effectively create entertainment and products for others to enjoy.

Sega brought him to the USA from Eidos UK where upon arriving he set work on the 2K series of sports games. Maxis challenged him to come work on Spore, and he eventually hung up his coding sandals to become lead development director at Maxis working on SimCity.

His current role at Sony builds on this as he continues to help studios build great games for the entire PlayStation family. He currently lives in the Bay Area and enjoys trying to retain his accent, photography and Parappa the Rappa (still).


Ken Inagaki

Ken Inagaki entered into the gaming industry in 2005 at EA Canada as a Development Director on FIFA.
He leveraged the skills of Japanese and Canadian development teams to turn the franchise around against Konami’s market dominating Winning Eleven.  He has since released titles on multiple platforms including social and online gaming.

Previous to gaming Ken worked in games of a different sort. Starting in Nagano 1998, he designed, developed and operated the results and timing systems for several Olympics including the system used in all Ice Hockey World Championships today.

Since joining Sony 4 years ago, Ken has focused efforts on supporting the strong stable of developers associated with Foster City Studio.  He currently lives in the Bay Area and as a Canadian asserts to his colleagues that Canada is not America’s 51st state.  He is an avid gamer and also into cycling and radio controlled cars.

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