The Client


Museu Casa de Luz (Portuguese: House of Light) is an electricity museum owned and operated by Electricidade da Madeira, the Island of Madeira’s electric company and the largest company on the island.  The museum is located in downtown Funchal, in a building that was once Madeira’s first active powerplant.  The building was converted into a museum in 1989.

Showcasing a range of historic and modern tools used for the production of electricity, Casa de Luz boasts an impressive array of displays, including century-old electricity generators, analog control panels, wind turbines, and interactive displays.  Team Powerhouse was contracted to replace some older content, and create an interactive experience that educates guests on the particular challenges of managing Madeira’s electricity grid.  Many Electricidade da Madeira engineers, who manage the grid on a daily basis, were consulted in the design and refinement of Power UP! Madeira.