14 Mar

Newsletter 9

This week for Prisoner’s Cinema was full of events. We have finished the rough version of the intro scene last Sunday and from the game perspective were mostly working on fixing bugs, but despite that, we had a very large amount of tasks to accomplish.

First of all, it was our playtesting week. We had three days dedicated to testing different aspects of our game, such as emotion, UI and general experience and had 10 players who shared their feedback with us. As always, getting outside opinion was extremely helpful, from both design and QA perspective.

We also have been preparing for GDC. Since Prisoner’s Cinema is going to the biggest game dev conference, we decided to make a trailer for our game and start working on our web presence. This is our trailer, by the way, we hope you’ll like it!

We are also launching our social media accounts, and will soon upload our game to a Concept section of Steam Greenlight. We will publish the link afterwards, and will be looking forward for your feedback.

Besides this preparation, we have already started to think about best ways to present on Halves (which will be the week next to the conference), and about the next scene we will be implementing in the next sprint.

Thank you very much for tuning in once again, and hope to see you at GDC!