21 Apr

Newsletter 12

Very little time is left before the next ETC milestone – Soft Opening. The goal of it is to finish a beta-version of the product and after that just polish the game without adding new content. Week 12 in Prisoner’s Cinema schedule was dedicated to the completion of “Mid-day Quest”. It is the scene of the game that takes place after the intro, this time in a real environment in our protagonist’s apartment.

In this scene we will introduce the “Insomnia System” that is designed to better convey the feelings that this disorder brings to people, and help evoking empathetic response from the player. As a result of that gameplay and player’s choices will be affected, and hopefully create the atmosphere of disempowerment of the character – one of the cornerstones of our design.

By the end of this week the scene will be finished, although we most likely won’t have enough time to polish it to the shippable condition – to do that we will use a couple of weeks that separates Softs from the Final presentation of the project.

Next week we will start working on the ending scene of our game episode, production of which will (spoiler alert!) include filming of Laura Gray, the actress who plays fiancé of our protagonist.

Thank you for being with us, keep tuned for the next week’s news!