28 Apr

Newletter 14

Monday of week 14 was Soft Opening in ETC. All the projects were supposed to demonstrate the version of the game that currently exists to the faculty, receive feedback and continue the development process in the finalization stage, which means polishing, QA and small improvements.

So did Prisoner’s Cinema, and we received some great responses from the faculty – they were impressed with the progress and general quality of the work. We haven’t yet finished assembling the game though, which was one of the weaker points of our presentation, and by Wednesday of next week we will throw all our forces to make the whole experience playable.

Neighbor  vlcsnap-2014-04-20-19h46m54s124

At this point we have completed the Mid-day Quest Scene, and still need to make the transition dream, Night Scene and the Credits scene playable. It sounds like a lot of work (and it is), but at this point most of the work is about actual implementation, since the content has already been generated.

Next week after completing the beta with our full experience we have a lot of plans, including playtesting and uploading the game to Steam Greenlight. Stay with us for more updates and wish us luck in our final breakthroughs!

Prisoner’s Cinema